My experience has been incredible! I have spent the last 30 years going to a dentist when an emergency arose, then once that was taken care of, never going back because the experience had been so terrifying. But from the moment I called Dr. Blumberg’s office I felt that I would be taken care of and I was right!

The staff is calm, caring, and professional. They are experts at dealing with patients that have anxiety. They also are able to navigate the paperwork that comes with insurance companies!

Then there is Dr. Blumberg! I have never met a more kind, gentle and compassionate dentist. He explained every procedure very step of the way. When I started I was unable to even have an office visit without medication! Now less than a year later I have had numerous procedures done and I actually look forward to going to the office without sedation!

My family and friends are amazed at my experience. I had a missing tooth that caused me not to smile big or laugh out loud for fear that someone would see. Now thanks to Dr. Blumberg, my smile is back.

I can’t thank Dr. Blumberg and his staff enough for the life changing experience that they have given me and I highly encourage anyone looking for a great dental experience to join the Blumberg Dental family.


Penny M.




Thank you for making my smile beautiful on my wedding day!

My Smile!!

I was always afraid of going to the dentist and didn’t really take care of my teeth as a child. Coming to Dr. Blumberg’s office changed that. He taught me the importance of taking care of my teeth and he and his staff are always sensitive to my needs when I have work done. I now have a smile that I am so proud of and I show it off as much as possible. Thank you Dr. Blumberg. Thank you so very much.

Paul M.




To SMILE again!

That is what I told Dr. Blumberg the first time I met him when he asked me what I wanted to achieve. I haven’t been to a dentist for years because of various reasons. When I received Dr. Blumberg’s flyer in the mail, I thought I would set up an appointment and meet with him and his staff.

In the first consultation, Dr. Blumberg made me feel very comfortable. After doing the x-rays and oral exam, they went over them with me. Dr. Blumberg then told me. Dr. Blumberg then told me, that there wasn’t anything that couldn’t be fixed. I felt that I finally found a dentist that really cared about their patients.

Once I started the dental work, Dr. Blumberg and his staff were very professional. They always greeted me with a warm smile, made sure I was comfortable and always asked me while doing the dental procedures, how I was doing, making sure I had a pleasant visit.

I am now done with my dental work and am very thankful I made that first appointment. Dr. Blumberg and his wonderful staff have given me what I had asked for….A new smile that I am proud to show off. Looking forward to seeing you all in six months!

Than you all,

Your friend Always


Alan S.



The best experience I have ever had at a Dentist office. I always hated going to the Dentist since I was a kid. But I don’t feel that way with Dr. Blumberg. I feel relaxed not as nervous he took his time with me and sopped when I was uncomfortable he kept checking to see if I was okay and of course he gave me head phones to listen to music which help me take my mind off his working on me. Dr. Blumberg and his staff are the best.

Larry M.



Dr. Blumberg has been my dentist for the past 24 years, and I am very satisfied with the work he has done on my teeth – most recently, my upper bridge. He and his assistants really understand thos of us who “hate needles” and use techniques to east the “pinches!” I must also thank the “doc” and his assistants for getting me in when I had dental emergencies – the kind that just pop up for no reason and at the most inconvenient time – of course! Thank you Dr. Blumberg, Anna, and Yolanda for your care and concern.

Rosalie M.



I had not been to a Dentist in over 10 years. My gums were starting to recede and bleed while brushing. I was very afraid I had serious periodontal issues. I saw Dr. Blumberg’s sign on Grand Avenue and called for an appointment. What a relief when I found out I would not have to wait 2-3 months for treatment. After x-rays and thorough exam, he determined what would be needed to fix my teeth. Several fillings and cleanings later, my mouth is now in good condition. My gums are not perfect, but with the help of Dr. Blumberg and his staff, we are able to stop the process in its’ tracks. Now I don’t worry about further damage to my teeth and gums. I especially appreciate the courteous manner and personal touches received at each visit. Plus they are always on time, not long periods of sitting in the waiting room.

I tell everyone I know that I finally found a GREAT Dentist!

Donna H.



Making and keeping my appointments! Twelve years ago, I was extremely nervous person when it came to sitting in “The Chair” and as a result, neglectful of my teeth.
Dr. Blumberg and his staff have managed to turn my thinking around by their skill, understanding and the calm, friendly atmosphere they create. Although my husband and I are moving 100 miles away soon, we plan to continue coming to this office.

Luanne B.

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