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Dental implants before and after

Dental implants are rapidly becoming the preferred choice for replacing missing teeth. They look and feel just like natural teeth. Implants are titanium posts that are surgically placed beneath your gums. After placement, the implants fuse to the bone of your jaw and act as artificial tooth roots. Replacement teeth singularly or grouped on a bridge or denture are then mounted to the implant.

Tooth loss can affect your dental health and personal appearance. When you lose one or more teeth, your remaining teeth can drift out of position. This can lead to a change in the bite, the loss of additional teeth, decay, and gum disease. Implants can be an effective method of replacing one tooth or several teeth. Dental implants are today’s best alternative to natural teeth. They allow you to function more normally than conventional dentures and bridges. They can be the foundation for improving smiles and appearance.

Implants are not just for the elderly patient. They can benefit anyone with missing teeth regardless of their age. Whether for a single missing tooth or for replacement of all a patient’s teeth, dental implants are now recognized as the standard treatment for a full range of problems.

Implants offer stability. Because they fuse to your bone, they provide stable support for dentures, bridges or individual crowns as they don’t slip or shift in your mouth when you eat or speak. Implants integrate into your jaw and help the replacement feel more natural. Some people also find the secure fit of implant supported restorations more comfortable then conventional substitutes.

Several steps are necessary to place an implant, and the entire procedure does take several months to complete. After an initial consultation, Dr. Blumberg will determine if a patient is a candidate for implants. The implant is placed in the jaw, and the patient’s bone grows around the implant. The healing takes about three to six months at which time a healing cap is placed when the implant is uncovered. The final step is to place an abutment and take a final impression for the crown, bridge or denture.

Brush and floss your implants just like you would your teeth. Proper dental care will help keep your implants and your mouth healthy.

Remember – your smile says “hello“ before you do!

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